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A Different Attitude Counseling provides outstanding yet affordable services that empower clients to nurture positive changes while developing balance in their lives. ​​We are a small company grounded in the community that emphasizes a personal touch while striving to excel in mental wellness and bringing out positive energies in individuals and the community as a whole. 

The hardest part of any journey 

​                                                                is taking the first step


I offer a free initial  

consultation so you can meet me, ask questions and make sure I am the right fit for your needs.

​​​​To schedule an appointment

 call or text:


or email on the Contact US page.

Free Initial Consultation 

What We Do

*Availability to you—through phone/text/email
*Connection is Key--Therapeutic relationship is a partnership
*Genuine Care—support, understanding, guidance, and empowerment
*Relaxed atmosphere—healing environment, non-clinical, non-judgmental
*Customized therapeutic plan—developed around

your strengths with holistic approach

verified by Psychology Today .
How We Are Different

217 Union St Cary, NC  |  +1.919.519.0087 Cell (phone/text)  |

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A Different Attitude Counseling offers individual and couples therapy for many mental health diagnoses including depression, anxiety, stress, and grief for people of all races, religions, and gender and sexual identification.  

Who We Are

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