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​​​A Different Attitude Counseling is just that, a different attitude on the counseling process. It was started because of a need in the community for someone who speaks to you on a personal level with straight talk and honest feedback, yet is still compassionate and empathetic. A relaxed eclectic atmosphere. Everything in the office isn’t going to match. You will find crystals and candles and eventually a Captain America Shield and a Tardis or sonic screwdriver. You’ll find someone with life experiences that offer a different insight than what is possible just through classwork alone. Where an increase in your quality of life is the measure of a successful interaction.

What you will not find is judgment. At A Different Attitude Counseling we love and respect everyone and their diversities. LGBTQ+, nerd, jock, superhero, ALL are welcomed and respected. We have even been known to take on the occasional evil villain! (They are usually just misunderstood) You won’t find the same cookie cutter type of interventions. You’ll find a caring empathetic counselor who puts your well-being first. Everyone has a history and while those events have shaped us, we need to focus more on moving forward rather than spending hours reminiscing over the past.  Let’s work together to figure out the best way to give you the life you want by using your past to build on.

Understandably not all people click. It is that ‘click’ that makes or breaks a therapeutic relationship. There have been many studies that show regardless of the type of therapeutic intervention used it is the relationship between the individual and the counselor that makes the biggest impact on improvement. This is KEY! Because we understand that and foster it as an important factor we will take time to answer any questions or concerns even before scheduling the first session. 

We believe in the therapeutic relationship as a partnership in your wellness, so the initial 1 hour consultation is absolutely free of charge. In this way you are able to meet the clinician and ask questions to ensure that your needs can be met and you are compatible with one another. During this time you can get to know how we do things and see if our style fits your needs. Once you decide we would work well together we can schedule your first appointment.  It is just that easy! We aim to schedule the first appointment within 7 days based on your availability.


Our Strength

​Having been in the mental health field for 13 years I have seen how impersonal and clinical it can often be and I didn’t like that about a ‘helping’ profession. I wanted to have a different attitude about counseling and to help other people have a different attitude about themselves and their life. So I set out to make a change. Since 2013 I have been working as a different type of therapist. 

​I am not your textbook therapist. You are just as likely to find me in the office in jeans and sneaks as a dress and high heels. I wear whatever makes me happy that day and so should you. Feel like wearing pajamas? OK, no problem. Wanna dress up that’s not a problem either. You are going to have better success when you are relaxed, comfortable, and able to be your authentic self. 

​Primarily I work with individuals 13 years old and above. I also work with couples on various type of issues. Parents of children who are LGBT and need help adjusting, I am the one.